How It Works

Designed, Printed, & Delivered (drop-shipped)

The pricing on my website is set up so that you can budget your projects easily.  Just choose your quantity for the item you need, and the price shown is all inclusive of the design service, the printing, and the delivery to your door!

The Graphic Design Process

1 – Getting Acquainted – I am a focused introvert who loves people.  This means that I will enjoy sharing an initial phone call or video conference with you so we can get acquainted and discuss any initial project questions. After that, I work most efficiently using email as our primary means of communication. This allows me to conceptualize about your project without immediate external pressure.

2 – Creative Questionnaire – Expect to receive an email with some routine questions pertaining to your project.  This is where you can describe what you’re looking for and what you’re hoping to achieve with your new design!  The questions are intended to get you to think about the intentions of your project, so be willing to spend a little time on your answers.  If you need to, ask for my help in guiding you. I want you to have the peace of mind in knowing that I understand your expectations.

3 – The Initial Mock-up(s) – Unless at the request of rush service, all my project deliveries are by first-come-first-serve. You can generally expect your first series of concept mock-ups within 2-3 days time, depending on the size and scope of your project.  In many cases, I will provide polished drafts.  In some cases, however, I might send you bits and pieces of concepts to help establish the creative direction.

4 – Your Feedback – After receiving your initial mock-up(s) from me, you will have the opportunity to influence the creative direction of the project by telling what you like and where you’d like to see changes, if any.

5 – Mock-up #2 – Upon receipt of your feedback, I will produce a new mock-up.

6 – Revisions Process – By this point, the creative direction should be established and we are polishing up the design. During this process, you and I may go back and forth a few times to make any small changes you might request.

7 – Finalization – Upon your approval of the final design, I will submit to you a “Request for Proof Approval” Form which you will electronically sign to authorize the print production (if applicable) of your job.  When I receive notification of your approval, I will submit your job to print. Most jobs are delivered within 1-2 weeks.

8 – A Great Big “Thank You!” – I am truly grateful for your business and love to reward my customers with my rewards/referral program.  By being a customer, you are automatically enrolled. You are not obligated to participate.

The Client-Designer Relationship

When you enter into a working relationship with a graphic designer, you need to make sure that your designer takes a genuine interest in the the success of your endeavors, is available for long-term support, and that you have an excellent rapport. Why?  When you hire an independent designer, what you are buying is *usage* of their works. You’re not buying the works themselves. Most people do not realize that designers advance their livelihood through the ongoing use of their creations, so when they create a design for you, they maintain the rights to their works as intellectual property and a source of residual income, ala Copyright Law.  Therefore, if you want to maintain a consistent look-and-feel over all your marketing efforts, you will want to keep your designer around!  Please, be sure you understand the designer’s General Working Terms before entering into a working relationship.

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