Thank you for your business. If you received an invoice from me via email, you may pay through that invoice directly, and your payment will automatically be applied the associated service. However, you may also use this form to make your payment. Please be sure to email me with the completed transaction ID and state what the payment is for.


Slotted Time Retainers

I provide slotted time retainer options to give uncompromised availability (barring unexpected life events beyond my control) toward anything including project discussion/collaboration, research (if needed), compilation of assets, design, a revisions process, and finalization.

1 hour - $130
Each additional hour - $85
Half day (4 hours) - $350
Full day (8 hours) - $500
1 week - half days (20 hour) - $1,250
1 week - full days (40 hours) - $2,500
Weekend/Holiday Fee (if available, double above)

Monthly Retainers
Monthly retainers are the ideal way to guarantee my availability for repeatable work, or as on an "as-needed" basis from month to month. Price is determined based on how much work you need from me, the value of the work needed, and my projected availability. Minimum suggested arrangement is $500 for 3 consecutive months. .

Single Projects
- If you do not need high priority on a project, then I can schedule projects into my available time without a slotted time retainer. With that, I will quote a project fee. Please click the "Contact Me" button above to start the conversation. Thanks!

Changes to Previously Closed Files

Small changes $25
Moderate changes $45
Multiple changes - $65 and up

Missing File Replacement or Generation - $15