Most people know me as an award-winning graphic designer and brand strategist. I help Christ-guided, women entrepreneurs and business owners get clear on their Kingdom purpose and connect with the people who need them by helping them to get clear and equipped with their brand strategy. 

What you may not know about me is that I floundered for years in my own brand confusion. Even as a worship ministry leader, I lacked faith when it came to my own business mindset, so I couldn't get clear on my positioning in the marketplace, and I couldn't discern the path that God was setting before me.

Because of all that, I felt it nearly impossible to find and connect with the people I could and wanted to serve. I was timid in my approach to people and landed a lot of projects that were not aligned with my values, causing me to feel disheartened in my work with a very weak sense of purpose. 

All of my marketing efforts went nowhere, because I had no idea where I should be speaking from or whom I should be speaking to.

My business wasn’t focused or unique. I tried to look like and do what all the other branding pros were doing, but that only made me invisible in the marketplace. 

To my embarrassment, I wasn’t prospering financially, so my family wasn’t prospering, I couldn't reinvest in my business, and I couldn't be as generous with my money as I wanted to be.

I often gave in to feelings of defeat and complacency, even as a single mother of 3 who desperately needed a change.

Eventually, I met and fell in love… with someone who ultimately ended our relationship because I wasn't making enough money. I was crushed. I always knew that my lack of brand clarity would cost me a sense of purpose and any real hope for financial wealth… but relationships?  Yeah, it could actually cost me those as well.

Yet God, in all His loving mercy, used that heartbreak as my awakening, that I had to make a change for me, for my sons, for the people who need me, and for God's higher call on my life. 

So for the first time since starting my business, I finally invested in a coaching program. I also spent my free time studying the deeper principles of internal branding from the top teachers in the industry.  I was able to combine all of that with my 15 years of hands-on, award-winning graphic design experience to create a solid, focused brand that attracts the people who need my services, share my values, and crave the deeper help I can provide them. 

Now I bring confidence to the marketplace and can faithfully serve people in the authority of my talents, and the authenticity of how I am called to serve them. I have a wonderful relationship with God and am grateful as I invite Him daily to be the CEO of my business. 

What I've learned through all this is how important it is to know who and how your brand should be, whom it should serve and why, and how to present it to cultivate meaningful connections. I believe that it's God's pleasure to call us according to our unique talents, but if we don't know how to position ourselves in the marketplace, then I'm convinced we're always going to have a hard time answering His call. 

So the reason I do my work today is that I see many faith-guided female entrepreneurs having similar struggles that come from a lack of brand clarity. So with my experience and expertise, I help guide them through their own branding journey, so they too can get clear and equipped to better connect with the people who need them, find fulfillment by serving their greater purpose, and live life abundantly on God's terms.

So, I'm curious… are you serving in the capacity of your greater purpose?  Do you believe that the people who need you feel confident that you're the person they can know, like, and trust? Do you know where you should be speaking from when you try to market to them?  If you've said no to any of these questions, I invite you to schedule a free discovery call with me to see if I can help you get clear on your brand strategy.  Will you go ahead and click the link below to schedule that call, and I'll look forward to hearing your story. Thank you so much for hearing mine. 

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