Updated March 2019


The following are the general default terms and policies for all graphic design services & printing provided by me, JODILYN SALICE, at HIGH REALM GRAPHICS, LLC (HRG). By enlisting my services, YOU, THE CLIENT, AGREE TO THESE TERMS.


All terms are based on a B2B (Business to Business), non-exclusive relationship and should, in no way, be regarded as a work-for-hire or employment arrangement.


If you would like to subcontract my services, you may do so upon acceptance of my general working terms.  All terms apply and you, the client, shall be responsible for upholding efficiency and clarity of communications with your client.

One Contact Person

To ensure the clarity, integrity, and confidentiality of each project, I will maintain contact with only one assigned decision-maker. If that decision-maker becomes permanently unavailable in the course of the project, then other arrangements may be made.

Mutual Respect and Trust

I intend to run my business as honestly and fairly as possible, while serving people and projects that give me joy and purpose. I strongly believe that in order to do so, there must be a high level of respect and trust between each party.  Be kind and respectful toward me, as I will be kind and respectful to you. Respect my time as I will respect yours.


I will compose an effective visual design and production solution based on the information you provide to me and will advise on strategy along the way. With all projects, it is assumed that the client already has a business plan in place.


To maintain the integrity of my graphic design and print-fulfillment business, I do not provide secretarial, administrative, or virtual assistance services.  This includes but is not limited to proof-reading, file management, and coordinating with 3rd party providers.


  • providing all marketing verbiage, copy-written and finalized and other assets which are otherwise beyond a graphic designer’s reasonable scope of duties,
  • providing all “client-provided” assets in digital format, including copy (text), photos, artwork,
  • providing clear and concise instructions where applicable. Designer is not responsible for ambiguities. If you do not say it, I cannot assume it.,
  • clearing appropriate rights for any materials (which may include, but are not limited to, photos, artwork, other company logos, etc.) that the client provides to HRG,
  • securing all trademarks, service mark, copyright and patent infringement clearances wherever applicable, arranging, prior to publication, any necessary legal clearance of materials prepared by HRG.


In an effort to provide the most logical solutions that I can to my clients, I offer several working options to choose from. As a business owner who partners with other business owners, I make it my effort to grow as my clients grow, and the assumption will always be that we are growing in abundance together. Prices may increase congruently to my growth and my clients’ growth. Anything requested of me, big or small, that provides your business with value is considered billable.


Retainer options are available for continuous and planned support. They are prepaid in agreed increments, prioritize you to my availability, promote a long-term working relationship, and help to avoid nickel-and-diming issues. Please ask about this.

Limited Priority

While retainer-based work takes priority over non-retainer projects, it does not take priority over *rush jobs*.  If you need a *rush* on new work, it will warrant an additional rush fee. Also, “top priority” does not mean “instant priority.” New work will be scheduled, as feasible, no sooner than the next day and only during regular working hours.

Not Covered

Retainer payments do not affect or count toward printing, shipping, or material costs.

Additional Work Beyond Retainer

Additional work produced beyond the planned retainer will be invoiced separately on your invoice. It will also take regular priority amongst other non-retained clients unless other arrangements are made.


A “project” is any design, that involves a deliverable with its own purpose, requested in its own time. Multiple projects can be billed together as a CAMPAIGN in the same billing period, HOWEVER, they must be planned together to ensure proper workflow


Payment is required upon receipt of invoice. Depending on the size and scope of a given project, invoices will be sent at milestones through the term of the project or on Fridays, whichever makes the most sense. In any given case where a client does not require a written estimate prior to project inception, then I shall charge appropriately and fully for all design efforts and associated materials and resources.


Down-payments are required to secure your priority on all projects not covered by a retainer. They will otherwise be considered a low priority and will be scheduled when convenient.


You, the client, agree not to withhold payment toward any completed services. All invoices must be paid by their due date or before any new or continued work proceeds. Usage of any unpaid deliverable is copyright infringement.


Clients are required to understand the following phases of design:

Discovery – Depending on the scope of your project, there may be a dedicated discovery period. This entails discussion and exploration of your business, values, goals, history, topics of interest, and anything that is otherwise pertinent to achieving a solid and compatible graphic design solution.

Project-specific research – Such as, if your business needs a logo that appeals to dolphin trainers, then I will be learning about dolphin trainers and the kinds of symbolism, colors, fonts, etc appeal to them.

Asset searches – This includes searches for appropriate stock photos, fonts, and other assets your project requires.

Applied productivity – Any creative work with drawings, mockups, revisions, and finalization count toward productivity.

Finalization - This phase involves optimizing/preparing files for the purpose for which they were intended (ex. web display, print production).  A project shall be considered "CLOSED" once publish-ready files have been requested by and delivered to the client.


After project finalization (see "Design Phases" above,) DESIGNER reserves the right to treat additional changes with the same priority and billability as a “new project”.


In some cases, in order to enhance the quality of a design, it may be decided mid-creation that a project requires additional materials including (but not limited to) stock photos, stock illustrations, special fonts, and website plugins. If deemed necessary, and with the client’s approval, fees for such will be added to the original estimated project fee.


Projects have no set turn-around times, but I give priority to retainer-based and prepaid projects - and to clients with whom I have established a positive and trustworthy relationship.  


By default, new projects will be scheduled no sooner than “next-day,” but this is NOT a guarantee.  Same-day and rush may be fulfilled with an additional rush fee, contingent on my availability.

If you have a specific deadline that cannot be missed, ask about a slotted retainer or rush fee.


New work* (big or small) requested by the client, after a project estimate/quote has been approved, is considered additional work and will alter the final price and time-frame and release me, the designer, from the originally-anticipated completion date and estimated price. Tthe designer shall not be responsible for missed deadlines.


Estimates of graphic design fees are not a guarantee of final price as actual time spent on a project may vary.  I do not provide estimates over the phone; please request one in writing. Unless otherwise noted, estimates expire after 30 days.


HIGH REALM GRAPHICS, LLC is not responsible for retaining client’s end files. While I maintain all files indefinitely, it is the client's responsibility to manage all files provided to them. Any request to resupply them if lost will warrant an appropriate fee.


Upon successful finalization of any project, HRG grants 100% usage rights for the approved design for the purpose in which the project was originally intended for the life of the business.  Any additional usage requires written permission from the DESIGNER and payment of an additional reasonable usage fee. With accordance to Copyright Law, all editable native files, associated design concepts, and custom-created artwork concepts produced by a DESIGNER remain the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of that DESIGNER.  Customer-provided artwork remains the property of its original owner.  If the client wishes to obtain native files or transfer of copyright, the client may offer to buy them. Unless an NDA has been previously signed, DESIGNER retains publishing rights to use the completed project and any preliminary designs for the purpose of design competitions, future publications on design, educational purposes, and marketing.


As part of its business model, HIGH REALM GRAPHICS, LLC supplies commercial grade printing through for-the-industry-only vendors. Before printing can enter production, it must be 1) paid for in-full and 2) a proof-approval form must be signed by the client.  All printing shall remain “on-hold” until both prerequisites are met.


HIGH REALM GRAPHICS, LLC is not responsible for proofreading. Please be sure to check all your mockups and proofs thoroughly and finalize all your content before providing. Regarding all visual elements, it is ultimately the client’s responsibility to check proofs carefully.


In the unlikely event where printing is not done as approved, HIGH REALM GRAPHICS, LLC will arrange a corrected reprint at no cost to the client.  If a reprint is not desired, a credit equal to the cost of the printing will be applied to the client's account.


HIGH REALM GRAPHICS, LLC does not coordinate with third-party accounts.  In most cases, I can fulfill the printing for you (please see or request a sample pack).  In any instance where I cannot fulfill your printing, I will supply you with print-optimized files so you may manage the printing yourself.   HIGH REALM GRAPHICS, LLC is not responsible for any issues arising from 3RD PARTY printers.


If at any point during the project term, the client observes any non-conformance with the design plan, the client must promptly notify HRG, allowing reasonable time for necessary corrections to be made. Rejection of the project or cancellation during its execution, or client going “MIA”, will result in forfeiture of down-payments(s) and an appropriate “kill fee” to cover all labor and expenses to date. The client shall not unreasonably withhold acceptance of, or payment toward, the project and any associated services.


Since graphic design services are intellectually-based, I offer no refunds after providing mockups or intellectual ideas so long as they are in line with the original project plan.  I will always do my best to provide top-notch services and high-quality work while keeping clients involved in the creative process and timeline.  Likewise, I expect my clients to respect my efforts and time.


HIGH REALM GRAPHICS, LLC is not responsible for technical issues such as missed emails, client miscommunications, or ambiguities.  I am diligent to stay in clear and close communication with my clients at all project phases and expect the same from my clients.