Art versus Graphic Design. There is a difference.
Art is generally about aesthetics and personal expression.
Graphic Design considers function and the interest of the customer.


As a woman, I enjoy using makeup.  For the most part, we see the use of makeup as an art - a way to make a face beautiful into a canvas for gorgeous color combinations.

But do we ever think much about makeup’s function?  For one, it’s used to hide blemishes and to accentuate facial features.

It goes even deeper than that. 

Take lip liner, for example.  Until recently, I always thought of lip liner as a way for women to create the appearance of fuller lips. That would make lip lining nothing more than an artistic choice. I always felt that the amount of effort in applying lip liner was unnecessary and a little vainer than I prefer for myself, so I never wore it.

But I recently found out that lip-liner actually serves a very helpful function. It prevents lipstick from bleeding outside the lips, thereby preventing that messy, distracting feathery look around the mouth. I had no idea!

It seems like such a small thing, but now that I know, I fully appreciate lip liner and wear it every time I wear lipstick. Without that practical function, I would likely not bother with it, thereby denying myself a perfect lipstick application and the added feeling of confidence and poise when I go out to do my business networking.

All that said, graphic design does so much more than make your business look beautiful.  It serves practical functions that help make your marketing efforts work together more harmoniously. 

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Photo by Darren Nunis on Unsplash