A Positive and Informed Experience

Whether or not you have worked with a graphic designer before, you might not feel completely secure in how a project is managed from beginning to end.  My goal is to make you feel as confident, informed, and in-control as possible throughout the whole process.  This page provides a snapshot of what you can expect while working with me.

A Welcome Kit!

Print-Sample Pack of stocks and finishes
(click here to view contents)
HRG-branded Pen
HRG-branded Notepads
An additional surprise!

Professional Printing

Free Sample Pack
so you can see and feel stocks and finishes
Trade-Only Vendors
to ensure professional quality
Proof Approvals
so you get the last say on final design
Live-Status Page
where you can check real-time progress
UPS Tracking Info
when your printing has been shipped

A Private Dashboard

Project and task management
Status updates
File uploads
Project request form
Project agreements, quotes, and estimates
Invoice history
Trusted payment processors

Online Proofing

Online Commenting Tools

Commenting Tools
Granular Feedback
with the Free Adobe Reader
with Free Google Drive

A Perpetual File Keep

Online File Location
where I save all the files I create for you, including logos, mockups (with version control), and finals
Up to 1G Free Space
Perpetual Access
as long as you are a client in good standing

Remote Communications

Email & Dashboard messaging
Recorded Video (for screen explanations)

Online Payments

PayPal (includes debit and credit cards)
Stripe (debit and credit cards)

A Friendly Experience

Never judgmental.
No excuses.