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Better Visual Connections Means More Money for Your Business

Last week I talked about how strategic graphic design solutions help to solve expensive problems in your business. It also […]

Solve visual problems with images and text.

It's not just about the copy. Do you have those nagging visual issues in your marketing or overall visual branding […]

Graphic Design is about Function, not Art.

Art versus Graphic Design. There is a difference. Art is generally about aesthetics and personal expression. Graphic Design considers function […]

How I Saved a Client from Financial Risk

I have several clients who represent multiple companies, and last week, one of those clients came to me requesting a […]

My Mission

As a remote service provider, I come alongside my clients from any location at any appointed time. With that, my clients always have someone to go to for graphics needs (big or small), someone to handle their professional printing, and someone who can advise them on strategy and marketing copy along the way.

Ultimately I help my clients to send clearer messages to a visual world to inspire more engagement in their business. We develop long-term working relationships so that, together, we may help more people, make great profits, celebrate in our successes, and faithfully press toward the higher mark of our purpose.  ~ Jodi Salice

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Overwhelmingly pleased

Jodi is the premiere Graphic Artist in New York’s Capital Region. She has a unique gift of taking your ideas and making them into a reality. I am overwhelmingly pleased with my business cards and other marketing materials she has produced. I highly recommend her to

Dr. Tom Denham

Can’t say enough nice things…

Jodi is my “go to” designer. Over the years I’ve had her do a variety of things, and she’s always done a great job. She’s done book covers, business cards, book layouts, newsletter formatting, and probably a few other things I forgot about. Can’t say enough nice things about

Walter Reaves
Free Download - "Life After your Logo Design - A Graphic Designer's Painfully Honest Advice on Your Next Steps, by Jodi Salice

Free Download

Getting a logo designed is a huge step toward developing the face of your brand.  But since your logo is only a smart part of your visual branding story, you’ll need to be aware of some risks when it comes to putting it out there for the world to see.  Click here to download my FREE guide, "Life After your Logo Design - A Graphic Designer's Painfully Honest Advice on Your Next Steps..."