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A Graphic Designer's Painfully Honest Advice on Your Next Steps

And stuff you'll be glad you knew (or wish you knew) before you bought your logo...

by Jodi Salice


If you recently had a logo designed for your business, congratulations. It’s a huge step toward developing the face of your brand. (If you did not buy a logo yet, then this information will still be valuable in helping you decide on a level of investment for your logo.)

If you’re reading this, it’s because you probably recognize that the visual branding portion of your business does not stop (or even begin) at logo design. The logo is only a smart part of your visual branding story, and you’ll need to be aware of some risks when it comes to putting it out there for the world to see, lest you do more damage than good.

There are best practices to consider, as well as many risks that may end up hurting how folks perceive you in the marketplace. It is very easy to put your logo out there, but are you giving yourself a good chance for brand awareness?

In all the years I’ve been practicing graphic design, I’ve had clients provide me with all different qualities of logos they had designed by other designers - some logos made my work easy, and many came with expensive challenges. On the receiving end of a very wide spectrum of quality, I can tell you that there is a substantial difference in the value of either.

Most folks I have met over the years, at no fault of their own, do not understand the difference between “budget” logos and premium logos and end up making poor initial choices with expensive consequences. So this is where it will get “painfully honest,” because I need to get you to understand the differences over the spectrum of design so you can have some control over your wallet over time. The next pages will explain the differences and potential risks. Then I will advise you on your next steps based on where your logo came from.

With gratitude,

Jodi Salice - Graphic Design Strategist