Parody "My Own"

Graphic Designer Woes - All in good fun!
Let me stress that I love my relationships with my clients and this video is not prompted by any issues represented herein. This is simply an all-in-good-fun spoof on the common debate over who should have creative control over any given graphic design project, whether it be the graphic designer with the professional industry experience, or the client who directs the entire creative process based on what they like. Of course, those are extreme ends of the spectrum, and this video parodies the argument, all in good fun.
I intend only to bring a smile to those who are familiar with commonly-expressed, creative power struggles, whether my viewers are on this side, or that side, or anywhere in between. (more below)
So, here is a common elephant-in-the-room between graphic designers and their clients. To share my own opinion, I say there needs to be an open conversation. There needs to be a balance because a designer's knowledge and intuition may be completely valid, as is the client's intimate understanding of their target market, and their comfort level in how they themselves are being represented in their marketing efforts.
There is a critical difference between an objective approach to design versus a subjective approach. Each perspective ought to be fairly considered and weighed, so long as they keep the project goal in sight. A client's subjectivity is not a bad thing if expression is the goal. After all, not everyone is in business to make money, but some actually configure their business so that they may live according to their calling. For them, money is not a driving force, but a tool to support their passion.
Therefore, no - a graphic design project does not always have to aspire to making the client more money if the client only wishes to be expressive. My point is... that goal needs to be determined up front, so we can eliminate the creative power struggle.
To summarize, I mean only good fun with this video, and I love the relationships I have with my clients. I believe we designers need to keep an open dialogue, and an open mind, about a client’s level of creative involvement as it pertains to their ultimate goal. Clients should likewise do the same.
I hear the motive in your knock
You said we’d only talk today
Now at my workstation you stand
Dictating every change I make
And the day goes by so very slow
Oh I know that it won’t end well, though. Oh no….
'Til now I always designed on my own
I never lost control until I met you
Now all I see is your logo
How can I do this alone
I need to design on my own!
You don't know how long I’ve considered
Your market and a strategy (oh no)
You don't know how long I have studied
Design and graphics mastery
But my ego has seen better days
And my solution here still remains
'Til now I always designed on my own
I never lost control until I met you
Now all I see is your logo
How can I do this alone (kiss)
I need to get back my controoooooool
Please let me do this alone
I gotta design on my own
My own! My own!
Major kudos to my sons who were willing to pose as clients for this video. Their involvement made this such a great time!
I am not a videographer or video editor, so thank you for putting up with the poor quality of this video. And while I do graphic design to pay the bills, my first love is and will always be musical expression.
Song Usage Licensed by Harry Fox Agency: #1408309292
Music written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly
Karaoke tracks (as performed by Heart) provided by Karaoke Version and Tency Music |
“My Own” original lyrics ©2019, Jodilyn Salice
Starring Jodilyn Salice and the Salisbury Brothers
Video humbly created by Jodilyn Salice |
Thanks to Kent Salisbury for helping with vocal recording.