One of the biggest challenges I face as a freelance graphic designer is coming up with a fair price for a proposal. It’s a typical challenge for graphic designers, as I have found out, but I think that what makes it difficult is hoping my clients understand why my estimates are what they are.

Many factors are considered and, mind you, I have yet to find 2 graphic designers who would charge the same price for any proposal. There are various reasons for this. In particular, we are all different in the level of expertise we provide, the depth of creativity, the amount of education we’re paying for, cost of overhead, etc, etc, etc…

If you’re a business-owner, you may understand how those factors come into play. But if you sell products at flat rates, you might not understand that our services are not off-the-shelf sales.

For example, all my work is completely customized to your business, your personality, your target market, and the cost of success in which you’re willing to invest. I have never used pre-designed templates like other graphic designers, and I generally do not assume that company A is at the same position in their business plan and projections as company B.

So it is also very safe to say that my price to design a trifold brochure for company A will be greatly different from my price to design a trifold brochure for company B. Mind you, the depth of design and creativity will vary accordingly… each company will get a high-quality brochure, but one company may expect to see more return on investment than the other company.

If you would like to request an estimate for a potential upcoming project, I would be happy to supply you with a questionnaire that will help me to prepare a proposal. I also extend the option of monthly retainers for work you might have consistently. Just send an email to me at with your request.