God has blessed me greatly with a means to support my family and to be faithful with my tithes and offerings. As a Christian business owner and worship leader, I get many requests for charitable work. As much as I would take great joy in fulfilling all these requests, the counsel of the Lord still stands, and reality dictates that I have to be a wise steward over these opportunities.

Therefore, I only consider discounted or pro-bono work for Christian organizations/ministries that show active intent to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I refer to these as “Kingdom Projects.” It is important to remember, though, that each project and circumstance is different and therefore requires prayer to seek God’s leading on how to handle each request. Therefore, I do not guarantee a willingness to provide free or discounted work on any single project that meets this pre-requisite.

Also, all projects approved for pro-bono or discounted work are still subject to all regular project terms including, but not limited to, copyright ownership, usage rights, reproduction rights, and source files, and payment of all non-service materials such as stock photos and fonts. For all Kingdom projects that are charged a design fee, I donate no less than 10% of that design fee to the World Vision ministry (http://www.worldvision.org).